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We carry a complete line of Ready to Assemble Beautiful Western Pine Cabins and Cottages.They start at $3643.00 CAD, which makes them very affordable.

Our Small Cabin/Cottage Series features traditional wood-crafting, incorporating wedged tongue-and-groove joints and interlocking notched corners, ensuring strength, durability, stability, tight fit, and visual appeal. 2" x 6" or 5/4" x 6" kiln-dried, Western Pine components are ready for your choice of finish. The roof is either 29 gauge Duraclad with four color choices, or 26 gauge Dekk-Tile with six color choices, depending on the model you choose.

We can also design and manufacture any variation on our production line, or produce a custom cabin or cottage that suits your needs.

Our Small Cabin and Cottage kits can be delivered anywhere in the world.

Assembly as easy as 1, 2, 3...
All kits come partially assembled, so all you have to do is assemble the pre-built components using a wrench and a screwdriver or a drill. The unique wall components are locked together with threaded rods and nuts (shown to the right). Along with easy-to-follow instructions, we supply all the screws and hardware necessary.

Why a smaller cabin you say?

There are many answers to that question. It's hard to beat the cozy atmosphere of a Small Cabin. Smaller cabins are budget friendly, fast and easy to construct and to heat or air-condition. In many areas small Cabins can be built without permits. And if a permit is required it is usually easy and cheap to get because of their size. A cabin can built along the water or your choice of secluded area, however many back yards or farms are also ideal get-away places.

A place to dream, to work, to play your music or perform your hobby, or maybe as a guest cabin. A place to contemplate, to retreat or to simplify ones life. It’s a place to call your own, away from the hustle and bustle.

Our cabins are favored in campsites , resorts and guest ranches. The coziness, warmth and smell of real wood will make this your favorite place to be. Regardless if you are hunter , snowmobiler or fisherman or what ever your hobby or sports you may like, one thing is sure, one of our Small Cabins will do the job for you! Click here to get answers to some common questions


Small Cabins
Studio  10'x10'
Muskokan 12'x14'
Aspen 12'x14'
Alpine 14'x16'
Squamish 14'x16'
Forester 14'x16'
Ranger 14'x20'
Valemount 14'x20'
Garage 14'x24'
Whistler 14'x24'
Springfield 16'x24'
Yukon 20'x20'
Fairmont 20'x30'

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