Modular Log Homes

Our modular log home builder produces excellent quality log cabins and homes at a very affordable price. All the work that is needed to complete these log home packages are done right in our manufacturing plant.

These buildings can be completed in different species, such as Western Red Cedar, Yellow Cedar, Douglas Fir, Pine and Spruce. All of our logs are precision milled pre-cut with double tongue and groove and are number coded for ease of set-up. Log sizes can be 4", 6" or 8".

In our  packages you are buying everything you need to build the basic structure yourself and move in: walls, floor, roof, doors, windows and insulation. The interior of the walls needs no finishing. All you have to provide is the foundation. The electrical and plumbing Interior of our Log Cabin Kitswork and any interior finishing and furnishing you require, such as cabinets, carpets, fixtures and appliances. Each  kit comes complete with a detailed and easy-to-follow construction manual.

We are uniquely able to provide a complete package of quality windows and doors that fit perfectly to each plan. Producing our own windows and doors gives us an advantage that is used towards providing our customers with reduced lead times and conveniences for complete home packages.

We have the ability and the experience to export these log cabins anywhere in the world, with successful experience in some of our major exporting countries like, Australia, Austria, Denmark, Germany, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, United Kingdom and the United States.

Please note that some of these cabins can not be shipped to certain countries at this time due to Trade Restrictions. We are working aggressively to resolve these issues!

Modular Log Homes
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