Modular Log Homes and Cabin Kits - Standard Material List

The following materials are included with the Standard log home kits.

Main Floor Structure:
2x8, 2x10, or 2x12 joists @ 16" (400mm) or 24" (600nim) according to code, 5/8" T&G plywood including cross bridging and boxer joists.

Log Walls:
Nominal 4" (100mm), 6" (150mm) or 8" (200mm) width profiled T&G logs, precut and coded. Cross corners are standard (corner posts are optional), steel rods, gaskets, plates, window and door liners and log wall assembly drawings.

Exterior Doors:
Solid Cedar, Cross Buck with lite and or French door, pre-hung including hardware.

Solid Cedar or Pine wood sash, weather-stripped, screened, double-pane complete with hardware for openers; includes trim, 1x6 for exterior and 1x4 for interior. (Bay, Rake, and Arc windows are also available as an option.)

Gables & Dormers:
2x6 @ 24" (600mm) on center framing, 1x8 Cedar channel siding for exterior, 1x6 Pine T&G cladding for interior, " plywood sheathing, with applicable insulation for wall thickness.

Roof Structure:
Ridge Beam is a solid timber or laminated beam to meet building code of the area. Vertical 2x 10 @ 24" o/c for roof rafters, insulation, T&G plywood sheathing (2x4 strapping if required), 1x6 Pine T&G cladding for ceiling and asphalt shingles for roofing.

Loft Floor Structure:
Standard models - 2x8, 2x10, or 2x12 to code for joists with 5/8" plywood over. Staircase: 2x12 stringer and treads. The handrail is included if staircase is open to main floor.

Interior wall framing with 2x4 @ 24" (600mm) o/c. Manufacture pre-hung door, including hardware, with privacy locks for bathrooms.

Fibre-glass batts to meet Canadian Building Code are included for gables and roofs per plan.

Porch, Deck, Balcony:
2x6 @ 24" (600mm) o/c treated joists, and treated decking.

Trim, door hardware, fascia boards, and instructions.

Not Included:
Erection of kit, foundation, and materials below main floor joists; delivery, plumbing, heating, wiring, cabinets, finished flooring, fixtures and appliances, wood finishes, nails, vents, vapour barriers, and caulking.

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