What to Look For When Buying a Log Home?

  • Choice of qualified Builders - When you are shopping for a builder/contractor to build your log home, you will find that most builders specialize in a certain style of log structure within the log home industry. Look for one with a vast array of experience for you to choose from.

  • Find one that will work with you:
    a) One that will help you find the right design that you want for your log home and the correct log species.
    b) One that will choose the correct method of construction for your choosen style of log home.
    c) A builder that will include you in the building process to make sure your desires are being met.

  • Choose a Good Designer who knows the log home industry and these are sometimes challenging to find, especially the ones that have a log home building background. You need to find a designer that will take your ideas and put them into plans that are readily understood by the builders, for the correct construction of your log home.

Ideas on How to get started in "Building your Dream"

  • Decide where your log home will be located and research to see if there are any problems with obtaining permits, or if there are any building restrictions in that particular area.
  • Sketch out your ideas, on paper, as to size, shape and where it would be situated on the property so you can somewhat predict location of windows, porches, driveway, garage etc.
  • Research to see the style of log home that you prefer, i.e. -
    a) Size of logs (This may depend on how large your log home will be.)

    b) Species of logs (This could also depend on the area where the log home is built.)

    c) The shape of the logs -- whether they are of uniform size at both ends or larger at one end than the other, or if they should have flared ends. You may also want logs with knots protruding and some branches left on, (sometimes referred to as character logs). The character logs are more labor intensive and are usually more costly.

    d) Roof structure and the shape of the log home (Check our pictures to help you find ideas.)

    e) Choose the right Builder -- We at Dream Home Development Group, will work with you in order to have the right Builder with the correct style experience, build your home.

If the design is quite complex you may want to have a preliminary set of plans drawn up by our Professional Designers (these are usually at a nominal fee) or go directly to creating a full set of plans by our Professionals. Check out our Design pages for further ideas.

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