Building With Logs - Transporting Logs Using Log Wheeler

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If horses or machines are not available then build a log wheeler. This is a devise that bears the weight of the log and is rolled along a track to the landing or building site.
You will need 2 sheets of 3/4in plywood (pressure treated is best), 1 2X12 8ft long, 1 2X4 8ft long, 1 2X6 8ft long, 3ft of 1 1/4in ID galvanized pipe, 3ft of 1in threaded rod or pipe (OD) plus 4 pipe flanges for the 1in rod. Bolts and nuts for both the flanges and main carriage.

Screw the two sheets of plywood together flush to the edges and cut out two 4ft circles. These are your wheels. You can cut sections out of the wheels so the remainder looks like thick spokes and thus reducing their weight but ensure you do not compromise the strength of the wheel. The 1 1/4in pipe is sandwiched horizontally between two 2ft long 2x12 pieces. Vertically it is sandwiched between the 2X6 (top) and 2X4 (bottom). The pieces are through bolted with suitable sized bolts in a standard pattern so that the pipe is securely held in place and can act like the wheel axle. Cut excess off of the pipe so that an inch extends from each end of the carriage.
Cut a large V in the top of the carriage so the log rests in this area.

Drill a 1 in hole at the center of your wheels. Mount the flanges to the wheels centered on the hole and bolt through. Run the 1 in threaded rod or pipe through the pipe in the carriage and and then thread them onto the wheels. Cut off the excess rod and give everything a couple of coats of paint and your log wheeler is down.

Lift the log onto the carriage and roughly center it. Two men can now pull and push the wheeler around with limited effort. Next - Peeling Logs

Skills, Tools, Time, Safety | Falling Trees | Peeling and Storing Logs | Long Log Construction

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