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Who are we? -- and -- Why are we here?

Dream Home Development Group is a Group of Companies, operating out of British Columbia, Canada. The Group was formed to fill a need for prospective log home owners. With the vast amount of information available on the internet as well as in the many magazines, the decision-making process can be very daunting. What ever questions, a prospective Log Home Buyer may have, we will endeavor to answer all their concerns.


Dream Home Development Group, is composed of some of the highest quality craftsmen, including Log Home Builders who build to European specifications with hundreds of years of combined experience in all areas of log home construction, be it in Hand-Crafted, “D Log”, Post and Beam or Timber-frame.

We also offer 2” x 6”, tongue and groove Cottage and Shed Kits, which are easy to assemble and to ship to any part of the world.

With the diversity in the Product we build and the vast experience of our Builders, we know that the Dream Home Development Group offers the Log Home Buyer, qualified direction and choices, to their satisfaction.



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